Most people would admit being sports fans. In fact, in the recent years, we no longer limit this fanaticism to men as more and more women find themselves hooked. Not only do we find ourselves engaged in the healthy side of things, but we also do find entertainment on all of these various sports.

This phenomenon explains:

  • why we have sports channels, competitions, and leagues that thrive and make billions of money each year;
  • why many athletes have made themselves rich and famous;
  • why you can rarely talk to NFL fans when they have Super Bowl to watch;
  • and why we end up watching Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and John Cena, even when most people believe things are scripted on WWE.

Of course, other things result from our love of and passion for sports, especially the money-making business behind it. This same reason inspired our team to come up with Score Casting – your online resource to everything sports, strategies and techniques, the business, fans, and all things else that matter.

We aim to provide an avenue for non-fanatics to understand how things work, and for fans to love their favorites more. Again, with better understanding comes greater entertainment.