Nugenix: Top Sports Testosterone Booster Supplement – Can It Boost Performance?

There is nothing more embarrassing than that moment a man cannot satisfy her woman in bed. Besides, there have been countless number cases of Broken relationships and divorces not least because the man has failed to perform in bed. Therefore, a man will stop at nothing to ensure that he satisfies her spouse.

Noticing this, many enhancement products and supplement companies have emerged promising you the best only to make the situation worse. Have been looking for the best place to get the correct information about the best enhancer that gives real results? Search no further.

Perhaps, you have tried lots of enhancers, but none seems to work! You need to know that customers give the most honest reviews about a product. I have therefore read 100s of customer reviews about Nugenix to give you the most accurate information. The product has worked for others; it will work for you as well.

What Is Nugenix? And, What Are Its Benefits?

It is a supplement made of a mixture of ingredients which is meant to enhance testosterone production in men. You need to know that this supplement does not only boost testosterone production, it also facilitates the production of other male sex hormones in men. Did you know that small production of sex hormones could reduce your sex drive? You need to know that sex hormones don’t only facilitate general wellness in men but also increases your libido.

One advantage of using this product is that it does not introduce artificial testosterone in the body but stimulates the body to produce these hormones naturally. You therefore not need to worry about adding hormones which could later lead to complications.

You need to be aware this product is new in the market and has been introduced by the same company that launched Instaflex (the best selling all natural joint support supplements.)

Besides, the product is not only meant to enhance hormone production in your body but facilitate your general health and wellness by burning excess fat in your body. The product also will give you more energy during workouts, so you have improved exercises. If you worry about your body mass, and general fitness, therefore, give this supplement a trial, thank me later.

Ingredients And How It Works!

As we said, earlier this product is a mixture of ingredients. Each component in this supplement has a role to play to ensure that you live a normal life and boost your self-confidence. These components include:

  • Testofen
  • L-Citrulline Malate
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12

You need to know that a fenugreek seed from which Testofen which is the main ingredient of this booster is extracted is believed to have the capacity to enable your body produce testosterone. This is because fenugreek seed contains Fenuside which is essential for male hormone production.

This implies that there is little room for speculations and this product really works. As you can see, this product is made from natural ingredients and not stimulants. This shows that contrary to other supplements which have either temporary or long-term side effects this product is safe for you to use.

You need to know that for you to have hard and sustainable erection you need a good flow of blood to your sex organ. L-Citrulline Malate enhances good flow of blood throughout your body so with this supplement you need not to worry about erections.

Moreover, zinc enables your body to produce DNA while vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 facilitate proper functioning of your nervous system. This reduces anxiety and improves your mood which is essential to increase your sex libido. Since DNA is necessary for reproduction, you can guess the importance of these vitamins to your body.

Why Do You Need Nugenix?

Decease of testosterone in your body does not only happen because of age. Illness and diet can also lead to reduced testosterone in your body you, therefore, need this product for your general health and wellness regardless of your age.

One bottle of Nugenix costs $69.99. However, you are given a 14-day free trial sample of the supplements, so you don’t need to get scared before you attempt.

You can only purchase this supplement online so if you are interested, visit the product’s website and purchase one.


  • The product is free from stimulants
  • Ingredients are well presented and described
  • You are given a 14-day sample for trial
  • No risky side effects
  • Customer review section is shown on the website
  • It is a prized product


  • No show clinic test analysis
  • pricey
  • Can only be purchased online.
  • Few customer reviews

Final Word About Nugenix

From this Nugenix review, you can see that though the product is new in the market, the ingredients are well presented. As well, there are testimonials to help you know how other people think about this product.

Therefore, if you want to sex drive and improve your general health and fitness, Nugenix is worth giving a trial. Besides, Product is FDA approved, so you don’t need to get scared of health implications if you use it. It’s also manufactured under the same conditions as prescribed medications so they high-quality supplements.

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Top Sports Management Schools You Should Attend for a Brighter Future

Making money in sports may come from a wide range of opportunities and possibilities. Initially, you can train yourself to become the best athlete to compete in the major sports leagues. Sounds easy, but could always use some magic to be attained. Imagine competing with the “made” athletes who are now making more money from their salaries and endorsements. You would also have to take into consideration the other sports stars on training who are just under the wing, waiting to be drafted. But if you believe and know you have the capacity, never give the dream up. With patience comes better chances and choices.

You can also take up classes and be the moneymaker behind the scenes. We may never promise you the easy way in, but there is a list of schools that can help you achieve your goals. If you want to build a more advantageous portfolio, here are some top universities you can attend.

 Farmingdale State College, NY

The university’s BS Sports Management aims to and has helped its graduates learn about the in and outs of the global sports industry, and the complexities and fundamentals of various administrative, marketing and management principles among others. Some of their graduates made their way into the business through their internships with CBS, NBC, and Disney.


 Texas A & M University-College Station

This university offers an undergraduate course, master’s degree, and Ph.D. in Sports Management, and is regarded not only one of the best but also of the most affordable school for this niche in the United States.


University of Minnesota-Crookston

This school can either physically attend the class or go online. The University of Minnesota-Crookston’s course on Sports and Recreation Management can choose their preference on how to attend their classes, based on a job-oriented mode of instruction.

Well, if you are serious about finding a shortcut to a career in the sports business industry, the above colleges should help you out. There’s never really an easier way, though, unless you have some insider backup.

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The Highest-Paid Bachelors Athletes Women Would Always Love to Date

Sports have brought male athletes into the list of the rich and famous, and women find them more attractive than ever before. Being in the spotlight gives these sports personalities celebrities on their right, with bank accounts and paychecks to back their names up.

Score Casting has created a list of bachelor athletes women would love to get their hands onto, especially when they make it to Forbes’ list of highest-paid men in sports. Girls, without further ado, here are the names you should follow. (We’ve deleted the married ones to save you the heartache. You can always thank us later.)

1. Cristiano Ronaldo


If you wanted to take the last name Ronaldo after taking this Portuguese player as your future husband, I’m sorry you can’t. Not because he’s already married but because his full name is in fact, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He is still considered a bachelor, though he has a child of his own. He has a new girlfriend, though and she’s not the first. Who can blame him? His net worth is now at $88 million, and a recently approved lifetime deal with Nike may improve that all.

2. Kevin Durant



Kevin Durant was engaged to Monica Wright of Minnesota Lyn in 2015 but has called the wedding off earlier this year. This fact makes him the second athlete to this list. According to Forbes, his net worth is now at $56 million and is forecasted to grow in the next few years. Aside from his game winnings, aka salary, he also makes a lot of money with endorsements. See NBA 2k17 where KD is first featured wearing his Golden State Warriors jersey.

3. Jordan Spieth

This golfer currently has a net worth of $53 million and is still a bachelor considering he and his long-time girlfriend have no plans of engagement yet. His name may not ring a bell unless you love watching golf tournaments. However, this twenty-three-year-old athlete has a name and talent to be proud of, and may be more prominent in the years to come. More than half of his net worth comes from his endorsements.

These are just three of the athletes with the best net worths and a single marital status.

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How to Get Your Hands Into The Money-Making Sports Business

If you would like to make a profession out of the sports industry, then you would have to aim bigger than reselling sports items for profit. There are more things to earning money out of sports than ever, especially with the improvement of technology and media, and how more fans and non-fanatics get more involved.

Here are some ways on how you can get your hands on sports business and be rich.

1. Take Up Sports Management

If you’re looking for a professional career in this business, then there’s no way to go but to get a diploma in sports management. The Internet has a reliable database of reputable schools you can attend for an undergraduate program. If you would like to master the arts and science of making money out of sports, you can even enroll yourself in graduate degrees.

2. Be An Intern

There’s no better way to put what you’ve learned into practice but by becoming an intern. There are far more things that you can only discover while on-the-job. At the same time more than anything, it builds your portfolio to become an intern for any sports organization or a company. However, you may have to be very cautious. As the ties between various firms and industries are close, make sure that you work hard, smart, and diligently. Internship in the sports industry is crucial and can be make-or-break for your career, so watch out!

3. Attend Conferences

While there could be much information and resources available on how to build your career in this industry, there are some other ways on how you can get yourself the advantage. You may choose to attend conferences and forums about this business, learn a lot, apply it whenever possible, and meet the right connections. You never know, your next employer may be there, too.

These tips are just the basics. When I say, there are more things to learn, I mean it. There are so many things to know about the innards of the business, following the tips above should get you somewhere.

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