The Highest-Paid Bachelors Athletes Women Would Always Love to Date

Sports have brought male athletes into the list of the rich and famous, and women find them more attractive than ever before. Being in the spotlight gives these sports personalities celebrities on their right, with bank accounts and paychecks to back their names up.

Score Casting has created a list of bachelor athletes women would love to get their hands onto, especially when they make it to Forbes’ list of highest-paid men in sports. Girls, without further ado, here are the names you should follow. (We’ve deleted the married ones to save you the heartache. You can always thank us later.)

1. Cristiano Ronaldo


If you wanted to take the last name Ronaldo after taking this Portuguese player as your future husband, I’m sorry you can’t. Not because he’s already married but because his full name is in fact, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He is still considered a bachelor, though he has a child of his own. He has a new girlfriend, though and she’s not the first. Who can blame him? His net worth is now at $88 million, and a recently approved lifetime deal with Nike may improve that all.

2. Kevin Durant



Kevin Durant was engaged to Monica Wright of Minnesota Lyn in 2015 but has called the wedding off earlier this year. This fact makes him the second athlete to this list. According to Forbes, his net worth is now at $56 million and is forecasted to grow in the next few years. Aside from his game winnings, aka salary, he also makes a lot of money with endorsements. See NBA 2k17 where KD is first featured wearing his Golden State Warriors jersey.

3. Jordan Spieth

This golfer currently has a net worth of $53 million and is still a bachelor considering he and his long-time girlfriend have no plans of engagement yet. His name may not ring a bell unless you love watching golf tournaments. However, this twenty-three-year-old athlete has a name and talent to be proud of, and may be more prominent in the years to come. More than half of his net worth comes from his endorsements.

These are just three of the athletes with the best net worths and a single marital status.

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